4C Foods’ ENERGY RUSH goes to NASCAR!

Okay, so Energy Rush may not be as fast as a NASCAR, but that doesn’t mean it won’t give you a RUSH. Just ask the hundreds of people lined up for FREE SAMPLES of 4C Foods’ Totally Light 2Go drink mixes at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Thanks to POLE POSITION MAGAZINE – 4C had a tent offering event attendees FREE samples of 4C Foods FAVORITE Totally Light 2Go drink mixes. The 2Go sticks are a favorite for people on the go, whether it’s 2-WORK, 2-SCHOOL, 2-CAMP, 2-PLAY, or 2-DRIVE a NASCAR! 4C Foods Totally Light 2GO offers the convenience and the taste that more and more people are choosing to buy at their local supermarket, grocery store, and online. Hey, NASCAR is America’s fastest growing sport… so why wouldn’t 4C Foods offer America’s fastest growing drink mix? Have YOU tried 4C Foods’ Totally Light 2Go drink mixes? I promise they’ll get you taste buds revving and satisfy your strongest thirst. Enjoy!!