Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes!  We are a peanut and tree nut free facility!

  • Most of our beverages do contain some level of caffeine. You can find the approximate caffeine content in our products on the website under caffeine content. You can also review our “Caffeine Content” page here.

  • All our Iced Tea, Drink Mixes, Grated Cheese and Gluten Free Crumbs are gluten free!

  • We are pleased to offer 4C Gluten Free Crumbs.  Our Gluten Free Crumbs have been certified “Gluten Free” by the Gluten Free Certifying Organization. 4C Gluten Free Crumbs are made with rice flour. Available in Seasoned, Plain and Panko Plain crumbs. 

  • All 4C beverages are certified Kosher.  The Kosher symbol can be found on our packaging.

  • Allergens will always be listed within the ingredient statement and declared in our allergen list as part of the Nutrition Fact Panel on our labels.  We do purchase certain ingredients from suppliers, and they are required to comply with the same standards pertaining to labeling of allergens.  4C adheres to all the food standards and food labeling requirements under the FDA.

  • The code or Best Buy date can be found on the package, usually on the bottom.

    The Best Buy Date is not an expiration date, rather a date recommendation to use the product for the best physical and sensory quality.  The Best Buy Date guarantees the fresh taste and quality when you buy it.

  • Yes, our grated cheeses need to be refrigerated after opening.   4C HomeStyle and 6 oz glass jar cheeses do not contain fillers or preservatives.  So once the vacuum seal has been opened, you need to treat it as any dairy product.

  • Cellulose is a natural ingredient extracted from plants.  It is a natural additive in cheese products for the purpose of non-clumping in the manufacturing process.  Our HomeStyle Cheese and 6 oz. glass jar cheeses do not contain cellulose as they are vacuum-packed.

  • Panko is the Japanese word for breadcrumb. Panko crumbs are made using bread without the crusts. The resulting dried product makes a much lighter, more delicate and crispier bread crumb. Larger and flakier than most crumbs, Panko crumbs will make all your recipes lighter and crunchier. Perfect for chicken and shrimp tempura.

  • We do not have any control over the inventory your retailer chooses to carry. Our sales representative can make suggestions, but the retailer makes the final decision as to what products they will sell. As a consumer, feel free to contact the manager of the store where you shop to inform them of your interest in 4C.

  • Just visit our store locator in the “Where to Buy” tab on our website.

  • Easily place your order through our Amazon store!

  • 4C is proudly located in Brooklyn, NY not far from where the company was founded over 80 years ago.