Frequently Asked Questions

  • Panko is the japanese word for breadcrumb. Panko crumbs are made using bread without the crusts. The resulting dried product makes a much lighter, more delicate and crispier bread crumb. Larger and flakier than most crumbs, Panko crumbs will make all your recipes lighter and crunchier. Perfect for chicken and shrimp tempura.

  • Whole wheat bread crumbs are the perfect way to add whole grain goodness to all your recipes. 4C Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs can be part of your plan for healthful eating.

  • That’s a great question! Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in the leaves and seeds/beans of over 60 plants. The most well known are coffee, cocoa, kola, and the tea plants. Most 4C Tea Mixes contain some level of caffeine…even the decaffeinated teas, which contains a very small amount. We have included the approximate caffeine content information in the “Products”. It is important to note that the caffeine values are “approximate” because since caffeine is a naturally forming substance, it can vary slightly from one production batch to another.
  • Red Tea is a herbal tea and comes from a plant called a Rooibos, (pronounced like “roy-boss”), that grows in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Red Tea’s flavor is described as being sweet (without sweetener added), with a slightly nutty taste. The folks at 4C Foods added a dash of peach to our Red Tea to help enhance the tea’s delicate quality. Red Tea has become so popular due to its high level of antioxidants and lack of the caffeine and low tannins that are usually found in traditional tea products. Although most people drink Red Tea in water, may we suggest you try something different and enjoy our 4C Red Tea with Peach in hot milk.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in the human body. Besides having antioxidant properties, Taurine has an invigorating and regenerative effect. In addition, we use Taurine in our Energy Stix to reduce/level off the sensation of the “energy crash” that many other energy drinks can give. It’s 4C Energy Rush’s “smooth” energy boost that makes it one of the most popular energy drinks. Enjoy.